Oil Change

Oil Lube Services
At Custer Street Auto and Towing, we believe regular oil changes are essential in maintaining a well-kept vehicle. In order to provide you the highest quality of customer service, we offer a variety of services within oil lube. Not only are our ASE certified technicians fully qualified to service your vehicle, but they are able to effectively communicate any issues found within your vehicle.
Our services include:

  • 4 tire rotation
  • Chassis lubrication
  • Check most fluids
  • Fuel filter replacement *additional charge
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Inspection of belts,hoses,and brakes.
  • Up to 5 quarts of standard quality motor oil

To view all inspection services see our Preventive maintenance analysis
Custer Street Auto and Towing OFFERS A CHOICE OF PREMIUM OILS.
You can choose from three different types of oil: conventional, synthetic blend, and 100% synthetic. Here’s how they differ:
Synthetic Oil
100% synthetic oil helps provide superior performance, more than any other type of oil. It’s chemically based and can help withstand extreme temperatures. Synthetic oil helps protect engines against heat, wear, and deposits. Because of its exceptional lubricating ability, it can even help improve fuel economy in certain engines.
Synthetic Blend
Synthetic blend contains both conventional oil and chemical-based synthetic oil. It helps provide advanced engine protection and performance, but is less expensive than 100% synthetic oil. Synthetic blend motor oil can help your engine stand up to severe driving conditions.
Conventional Oil
Conventional oil is derived from premium petroleum products and helps provide excellent engine protection throughout a wide range of operating temperatures. Cost-wise, synthetic blend and 100% synthetic are more expensive than conventional oil.
However, synthetic blend and synthetic oils last longer and consequently you’ll need fewer oil changes, offsetting much of the added cost.
Consult your owner’s manual for the recommended oil that’s best for your particular vehicle.
*synthetic oil additional


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